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  • Anybody here supplemented Niacin for cholesterol support?
    Took it for the first time this morning (mistake 1)
    After morning coffee (mistake 2)

    Hour fucking later was just about to run to call an ambo never experienced a reaction like that in my life. red hot flushing all over body and blurred vision. Standing in cubicle at work completely nude trying to cool down and ease it off. Hahaha what an experience.
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    Yeah fuck dude. I took 1000mg, without reading the label.
    Took it right before bed. Woke up, bright red, itchy skin felt like I was on fire, all my limbs were numb and tingly.

    I was about 2 seconds from calling an ambulance with an allergy issue and convinced myself I couldn't breath- had I not googled Niacin, found out that 1000mg is a lot, and it tends to do that.

    We both learnt our lesson. Start low 🤣
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